Telecommunications solutions

Software to manage your Phone Systems

By monitoring and measuring how your Business Telephone System is being used Call Management Software makes sure you get maximum performance and efficiency from every element.

Integrate Call Management Software into your new or existing system

Datec Communications can install and integrate Call Management Software into your new or existing system helping you leverage the true power of modern phone technology.

8 ways Call Management Software will improve your business:

Analyse the most expensive call

Monitor the levels of incoming calls

Check how quickly calls are being answered

Make sure calls aren’t being missed

Identify abuse or misuse of the system

Ensure sufficient cover is provided at peak times

Manage department responsibilities for incoming and outgoing calls

View data remotely from a password protected internet or intranet connection

Call management software that gives you the features and analytics you need to improve your business

Wikipedia definition 

“Call management is the process of designing and implementing inbound telephone call parameters, which govern the routing of these calls through a network. The process is most prominently utilised by corporations and the call centre industry and has its highest effectiveness when call logging software tools are used. Calls are routed according to the set up of calling features within the given system such as Call queues, IVR menus, Hunt groups and Recorded announcements. Call features provide a customised experience for the caller and maximise the efficiency of inbound call handling. Call management parameters can specify how calls are distributed according to an operator’s skill level in relation to a call, the time and/or date of a call, the location of the caller or through automatic routing processes.”