Music on Hold

Voice and Music for Business

What do your callers hear when you put them on hold?

You have probably spent a great deal of time and money developing the appearance of your business; Brochures, Logos, Exhibitions, Advertising etc, but few people ever consider how they sound! We live in a world full of sound. In order to fully coordinate your marketing efforts, your business should of course look good – but how does your business sound to your clients?

Your Telephone System is one of the most important tools that your business owns and uses. One of the features that is used more than any other is the On Hold button. Whilst your callers are holding what do they hear – Silence, beeps, music, a jingle?

A recent industry survey highlighted the following facts:

7 out of 10 business callers are put on hold.

A small business transferring 8 calls per hour will leave callers on hold for 200 hours per year.

90% of callers will hang up after 40 seconds of silence and 34% won’t bother to call back.

The average business caller spends 40 + hours on hold each year.

Average hold and call transfer time is increasing each year. At present the average time spent on hold per call is 45 seconds.

95% of marketing budgets are spent on gathering calls while only 5% are spent managing the calls.

90% of callers preferred on-hold messaging to other options.

Up to 20% of callers made a purchase after hearing an offer while on hold.

 Make your telephone system’s ‘on hold’ facility really work for your Business

listen to music while on holdDatec Communications can install and programme a variety of music on hold equipment. These modules or add-ons usually integrate with your existing system.

We can also offer you a professional recording service enabling you to have high quality tailored music/information recordings to keep your customers engaged while holding.